Top WWE Star Reveals Reason They Went To NXT

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Top WWE Star Reveals Reason They Went To NXT WWE

A top WWE star has revealed the reason that they made the recent successful trip from the main roster to NXT.

In late 2022, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston would bring The New Day to WWE NXT, unseating the then-tag team champions Pretty Deadly from their perch in the process.

Whilst Elton Prince and Kit Wilson have spoken about their feud with the New Day as an event that “ruined” their lives, Xavier Woods has revealed his reasons for going to the brand in the first place.

Speaking on Catch Club, Woods said:

“Pretty Deadly, easily, easily. That’s the reason we wanted to go down there in the first place.

“I’ve had my eye on them since they were over in the UK.”

Pretty Deadly made their WWE debuts in NXT UK during 2019 and would eventually become NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

Addressing the potential of the duo, Woods would go to say:

“They’re super talented. They understand what they want to be, and that’s one of the hardest things I think to figure out in wrestling

“Those are two guys that I think are going to be, in time, obviously, incredible.

“They’re already so good right now. They can’t get on the main roster fast enough.”

Prince and Wilson reported did a “really good job” on a previous run of WWE house show events.

Fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston had also praised the pair in a recent interview.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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