WWE Producer Pitched Returns Of WWE Legends

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

WWE Producer Pitched Returns Of WWE Legends

It was reported yesterday that Shane Helms had returned to WWE as a producer. He had been with the company prior to being furloughed this year but recently returned to the company.

Helms recently revealed on the ROH Strong Podcast that he consistently pitched to WWE to bring legends back for cameos. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“As far as multiple guests, that was something I had been putting in Matt’s ear for years because I tried to get WWE to do it on my first run. Leading up to like the Raw Anniversary shows, they would bring in a surprise and the crowd would always go crazy. I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t do that more. There are so many guys from WWE’s history that would come in for two or three weeks and the crowd wanted them there. I would suggest and suggest and suggest, and they kinda wouldn’t bite on it, but I knew it was something fans loved. You could tell fans loved it because you’d go to the Indie scene and that’s what the Indie scene is.

They have a core group of guys and then they bring in an old school television character. It was working on the Independent level, I promise it would work on this level and in turn it would make the Independent scene hotter. I tried to get IMPACT to do it because when we brought in Reno Scum, I was wanting to bring in the Headbangers. At the time, the leadership there, they were stuck in the ‘everyone has to have a three-year contract’ mode. Just make a smaller contract. During all this, I was constantly having these conversations with Matt like, ‘I don’t know why they don’t do this, it would be so cool,'”

Wrestling fans love cameos as seen by the success of shows like Raw 1000 and Matt Hardy’s deletion matches.

Shane Helms had appeared in the Elite Deletion match with Matt Hardy at AEW Full Gear. His appearance was brief but it goes to show how much people do enjoy seeing legends return for cameo appearances.

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