Update On Randy Orton WrestleMania Plans

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Update On Randy Orton WrestleMania Plans WWE

The reason behind the recent news that Randy Orton is set to be at WrestleMania 39, although in an unknown capacity has been revealed.

It was previously reported that Randy Orton would be at WrestleMania according to a number of sources.

This followed reports of rumblings about his return over his name for the first time in months.

The reason behind Orton’s plan to return at WrestleMania 39 have been revealed, referring to a past missed Mania moment.

Per the report from GiveMeSport, Wrestlevotes has stated:

“Randy’s name I’ve started to hear a little bit over the last couple of weeks.

“He’s getting close. He’d like to show up at WrestleMania. Missing WrestleMania 32 in Dallas through injury killed him.

“So I think if he’s going to return, let’s say the night after, he’d rather just show up in some form at the stadium.”

GiveMeSport would go on to suggest:

“The feeling seems to be that, should Triple H have planned to bring Orton back on the Raw after WrestleMania 39, for example, he’d rather just return at WrestleMania itself.”

At present, the return of Randy Orton is speculative, with the Viper having been out of action since May 2022 due to a back injury.

Former WWE star Killian Dane recently reflected on his time in WWE and referred to Orton as an “incredible” locker room leader.

AEW’s Bryan Danielson had also referred to Randy Orton in glowing terms, saying he was one of his “favorite people to wrestle.

Transcript from GiveMeSport.

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