WWE Raw Star Suffers Potentially Serious Ankle Injury During Match

1 year ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Raw Star Suffers Potentially Serious Ankle Injury During Match

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Natalya suffered a “probably serious” ankle injury during last night’s episode of WWE Raw.

The injury happened when Natalya was in the ring with Doudrop during a tag match pitting Natalya and Tamina against Doudrop and Eva Marie.

Natalya tagged out of the match and didn’t get back in the ring after suffering the injury, and had to be helped back up the stage.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said:

“It was not evident watching the match, but what happened was essentially Doudrop, Piper Niven, when she did the takedown, (Natalya) kind of rolled, and the ankle was twisted in a really ugly way. We don’t know right now how serious it is, but it’s probably serious. I don’t know that she’s had x-rays or anything, but it’s not the knee, it’s the right ankle. And I saw the clip, and she just rolled it when she did that cradle spot. That’s what happened.

“With Natalya, there’s no answer, we probably won’t get anything until maybe tomorrow or something, x-rays or whatever. But it’s, without a doubt, it’s probably something pretty serious, because if it wasn’t, she’d just have walked out on it. That’s the reality of it. Hopefully it’s not too bad and doesn’t require surgery, because if it requires surgery then she’s gonna be out for a while.”

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We wish Natalya all the best with her recovery and hopefully the injury isn’t as serious as it sounds like it could be.

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