WWE Raw Preview, May 14, 2018 – Don’t Get Carried Away

WWE Raw Preview, May 14, 2018 – Don’t Get Carried Away


WWE, please don’t forget that Money in the Bank (MitB) is still five weeks away. If all the entrants for the match are decided this week, that gives us four weeks of stagnant build, so please be careful.

I’m actually going to be at the show tonight, seeing as it’s one of the very few times us Brits get the chance to attend in our country. Therefore, it better be a damn good show.

With Finn Balor and Braun Strowman already qualified for the MitB match, you would expect the other two Raw participants to be revealed in the next couple of weeks, if not tonight.

In the most recent example of WWE spoiling arguing the most exciting thing about shows on social media beforehand, it was announced that Seth Rollins will be defending his Intercontinental title against Kevin Owens as part of the Intercontinental Championship open challenge.

It would be so much better if they kept these things to themselves. Rollins coming out, challenging anyone in the back, and then Owens coming out makes things so much more exciting.

Anyway, the match. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out, as Seth is certainly a potential MitB contender.

The main issue with this is that Seth has the belt, which means he will surely have a match at MitB. That is, unless he loses it in the run-up to the PPV.

After some less than stiff competition from a fired up Mojo Rawley last week, Seth has a much more intimidating opponent this week. Owens, a former US and Universal champion, may also have the Sami Zayn factor on his side.

Zayn and Owens’ relationship has been less than friendly over the past few weeks, but you wouldn’t put it past Sami trying to help Kevin win the match. However, because I’m a total genius, I’ve made a prediction as to how I think it will play out.

Sami will attempt to distract Seth, but instead distracts Kevin, costing him the match. Kevin angry.

I am 100% the only person who thinks that will happen. Total genius.

I hope Seth holds onto the belt for a while longer. He’s making it feel more special than even the likes of the Miz, and his matches are almost always the highlight of Monday nights.

The above match is a feud I am keen on seeing. The match I am going to talk about next is a feud that, not only I am not keen on seeing, no-one wanted it, and it’s not going to make anyone excited.

Jinder Mahal cost Roman Reigns his spot in the MitB match. Why Jinder? You do realise that means the main event feud on Raw is now Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns…eugh.

If WWE think that by having Roman beat Jinder, the crowd will cheer for him, then the company is more deluded than I thought. Beating Jinder Mahal will do nothing for Roman, and the reason is simple.

No-one cares enough about Jinder for this sort of feud to mean anything. I know they’re both former top title champions, but they’re both arguably the least popular champions in recent history.

Hopefully Jinder was just fooling around and will slink back into the midcard, but that’s about as likely as Carmella getting a five star match from Dave Meltzer.

The women’s MitB match is less full than the men’s, and I actually think that’s a good thing. It gives the match time to be built up. Also, unlike last year when pretty much every female star from Smackdown Live had to be in the match due to the single roster PPV, this year we could have a match with eight very talented stars.

Already qualified are Ember Moon from Raw and Charlotte Flair from Smackdown Live. That on its own is a pretty enticing prospect, so hopefully the rest of the spots will be filled by deserving stars.

Ruby Riott is arguably the main candidate for a spot. The Riott Squad has been surprisingly successful on Raw, and given that Ruby is the leader of the faction, you would expect her to qualify.

Alexa Bliss is another woman I would expect to qualify, and actually someone I’d like to see win the briefcase. The great heel work she did with the Raw Women’s Championship is evidence she could be a great briefcase holder.

She’s the sort of star who could make the briefcase feel like a big deal. The way Carmella was booked on Smackdown Live made a lot of people completely forget she even had the belt, but I can’t see that happening with Alexa, if she won.

The company clearly believes in Alexa as a real star of now and the future, and giving her the briefcase is definitely something I can see happening.

I’d like to be able to say that the Bobby Lashley interview from last week didn’t actually happen, but I’m afraid I just can’t lie. It actually did.

Please just sweep it under the carpet. If this is a recurring segment, then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. It was honestly the worst thing I have seen on WWE TV since the screen cut out and I saw my own face in the TV reflection.

Just have him squash a local jobber. Hey, here’s an idea; I’ll be at the show, I will literally put my body on the line if it means that we can move on from last week. I weigh 62kg (126lbs), he could hold me in a delayed suplex for at least six years.

And speaking of big sweaty men, what’s next for Braun? The latest suggestions are that he could be next for a Universal title match, but as we have no idea when Brock is coming back, we also don’t know when the next title match will be.

He’s the hottest man in the company, and so he needs some way of continuing his momentum. It’s hard to see what that’s going to be at the moment…maybe a Nicholas return and a run with the tag belts will do it?

The rest of the Raw roster is a bit less interesting.

Are Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt actually going to start feuding with someone? They’ve won a couple of squash matches, but squash matches don’t really work for this team – they’re not the Authors of Pain. There are plenty of teams to choose from, so they may as well just pick one and feud for a bit to make the belts feel a bit more relevant.

Bayley and Sasha will continue to moan like teenagers and Elias, the world’s greatest human, will probably have another match with Bobby Roode. Very well.

And that’s Raw. Are are you looking forward to the IC title match? Who do you think will be next to qualify for the MitB match? Let us know in the comments.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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