WWE Raw Segment Cut Due To Roman Reigns Going Long

WWE Raw Segment Cut Due To Roman Reigns Going Long WWE

Details have emerged on a recent WWE Raw segment cut due to Roman Reigns’ segment going over time.

On the pre-SummerSlam Madison Square Garden edition of WWE Raw on July 25, Drew McIntyre faced off against Mr Money in the Bank in singles action. McIntyre picked up the win via disqualification, after he was attacked by the Brawling Brutes.

Per Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. McIntyre and Theory were meant to have a promo segment together, but this was cut because Reigns’ opening segment went long.

Noting that a lot of the final match was called in the ring, Meltzer wrote:

“On the Madison Square Garden Raw, there was an in-ring promo before McIntyre vs. Theory that was cut because the opening Reigns segment went long. Because of the time change in the match the match was all called in the ring rather than preplanned.

“So there is more of that. Aside from key spots, at least with certain top guys, they are allowing talent to improvise more in the matches. The McIntyre vs. Sheamus match on Smackdown, which was one of the best WWE TV bouts of the year, had a lot of leeway given to the guys although obviously the key spots and run-ins were all planned out ahead of time.”

Previous reports have indicated that WWE stars are now allowed to improvise more in matches and promos following Triple H taking over creative.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus reportedly called a lot of their Undisputed WWE Title #1 contenders bout in the ring on the July 29 edition of SmackDown.

McIntyre will challenge for Roman Reigns’ gold at the Clash At The Castle UK premium live event in September.

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