Find Out Who Answered Seth Rollins United States Championship Open Challenge

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

Find Out Who Answered Seth Rollins United States Championship Open Challenge WWE

A wild scene for Seth Rollins as he took to the ring to await his opponent for his United States Championship Open Challenge.

After taking to the ring to query about who would be answering his United States Championship Open Challenge, Seth Rollins found out who was answering the call.

Well, sort of!

As the Judgment Day’s music hit, all four members of the Judgment Day made their entrance.

With it not immediately apparent, commentary speculated as to who may be facing Rollins.

Would it be Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio and fascinatingly, also Rhea Ripley being suggested.

“Why not Rhea Ripley?” Kevin Patrick said on commentary, before listing her recent entanglements with the WWE men’s roster!

With the members surrounding the ring, it was Finn Balor who stepped up as he got in the ring with a mic.

Balor said:

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

“A couple years back, you cost me gold.

So tonight, I’m gonna cost you gold.

So as far as your open challenge for the United States Championship goes…”

However, the OC then came out… and they had a brand new ally in newly returned Mia Yim!

Yim and the OC fought off the Judgment Day and it seems like the OC now have their equalizer to Rhea Ripley.

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