WWE Raw Star Confirms Serious Injury

WWE Raw Star Confirms Serious Injury

If I tore my ACL, I think I would probably take a bit of time away from a wrestling ring, an environment not known for being kind on the knees.

However, it appears that I am not the most resilient man in the world (can you believe it?), and actually tearing your ACL isn’t all that much of an issue for some people.

One of those people is WWE Raw star Riddick Moss, who has just revealed via his Instagram that he tore his ACL two months ago, and has managed to compete on both Raw Underground and WWE Main Event with the injury.


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Over the past 2 months, Riddick Moss has gone undefeated in both #RawUnderground and the #WWEThunderdome, showing elite power, speed, agility, and explosion. While training, I’ve squatted 500, deadlifted 600, and broad jumped over 10’. I have done all of this with a torn ACL. When you have such high expectations for yourself, it’s hard to exceed them. But damn… even I was impressed with Riddy Mo on this one. 100% real talk, I don’t know of anyone else who could’ve done all of this. I am everything I’ve said I am – best athlete in the industry, Baddest MoFo on the Show, and a true Outlier. It speaks to my unmatched training, world-class athleticism, and extraordinary toughness. In other words, it’s a testament to the Riddick Regimen. And if you didn’t already believe in the Regimen, just wait til you see THIS comeback.

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It’s an injury that generally takes between 6 and 9 months to recover from following surgery, so either this is a very minor tear, or Riddick Moss is immune to pain and suffering, which I think is probably more likely.

We’ll have to see how much longer he can continue to work on the injury, because surgery at some point is inevitable.

3 years ago by Andy Datson


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