WWE Raw Star Recalls Hilarious Story Of Using Shane McMahon’s Bathroom In Saudi Arabia

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Raw Star Recalls Hilarious Story Of Using Shane McMahon’s Bathroom In Saudi Arabia

WWE Raw star Mansoor has recalled a hilarious story of using Shane McMahon’s bathroom at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.

Because there had already been one show in Saudi at that point, Mansoor remembered the layout of the backstage area, including which bathroom he was supposed to be using.

But as it turns out, that had changed.

Speaking with talkSPORT, Mansoor said:

“We were sort of in a little, small locker room, me and the other Saudi boys. Well actually, it was me, the Saudi boys and the sumo wrestler they had for the Greatest Royal Rumble. We were sharing that and they were like, ‘Okay, you’re going to go to that bathroom down there, alright?’ down the hall. That’s what we used, that’s what all the boys used. So then the next time we were in Saudi for the biggest battle royal, I was going to that bathroom because I knew that was the bathroom that we use, right? That’s the one I go to.

“So I walk in, go into the stall and I do my business. And it’s one of those automatic flush toilets that I hate. Because I like to adjust, ya know, and everytime I move an inch it flushes! So it’s like I’m giving birth in there (laughs). So that’s happening and then walk out into the small locker room – there’s a few lockers here and three stalls – and who do I see to my right? There’s Shane McMahon.

“I see him there and he’s got his bags out. I’m like, ‘Hey… hey, how’s it going?’ and he looks at me with the most confused face and says, ‘Hey, man’. Then I’m looking at my hands like, ‘Oh, I can’t shake his hand!’ Obviously.

“So I go over and wash my hands and I look over at the towels and they’re out. So my hands are wet and I’m like ‘Sorry’ and he’s like ‘No, no, no, it’s okay’. So then I go to walk out the door and he says ‘Hey, wait a minute’. So I stop and freeze in a cold sweat (laughs). He looks over and says ‘…Who are you?’ And I go ‘I’m Mansoor’.’ And he goes ‘Okay, nice to meet you, man. I’m Shane’. Okay, nice to meet you!

“And I walked out like god, that was so weird. I totally bungled that interaction. I didn’t shake his hand and I wasn’t respectful and it was all weird. And then I realised, I went back and looked on the side of the door and there’s a piece of paper that says Shane McMahon’s locker room. I’m like ‘Oh nooooo’. I just took a dump in Shane McMahon’s locker room!”

There was actually a similar story backstage at WrestleMania Backlash earlier this year where Michael Cole had accidentally used Tyson Fury’s bathroom, which Pat McAfee of course found to be the most hilarious thing ever.

Mansoor made his Raw debut a number of weeks ago and continues to be involved in some mysterious backstage segments with Mustafa Ali.

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