WWE Raw Star Doesn’t Want Anyone Kicking Out Of Finishing Move

WWE Raw Star Doesn’t Want Anyone Kicking Out Of Finishing Move WWE

Wrestling finishers are very rarely protected in the same way they used to be, with a ‘finisher’ often requiring to be used multiple times to actually put an opponent away.

While there are of course exceptions to this it looks like one current WWE star isn’t too keen on seeing his finishing move kicked out of anytime soon.

In an interview with Fightful’s Joel Pearl, Raw’s Bronson Reed discussed his finishing manoeuvre the ‘Tsunami’ and the fact that nobody has kicked out of it in five years, saying he would like to keep it that way going forward.

Reed said:

” I feel like I have a finishing move that is special. I speak about this a lot where it’s five years now where no one has kicked out of it. Since I started calling it the Tsunami, no one has kicked out of it, and I want to keep it that way. Hopefully, I keep beating people with it. Keep it devastating. I also threw Ali into the timekeeper’s chair this Monday. So those viral moments, I’m going to keep making happen,”

Bronson Reed’s return to WWE was one of many in a wave of signings made following Triple H’s creative takeover in WWE last year.

While he as of yet doesn’t have a WrestleMania match he has made an impression on the main roster thus far, primarily in his appearance in the US Championship Elimination Chamber match last month.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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