Find Out Why Live Crowd Chanted ‘That Was Stupid’ On WWE Raw

3 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

Find Out Why Live Crowd Chanted ‘That Was Stupid’ On WWE Raw WWE

Tonight’s WWE Raw kicked off with an in-ring promo and a little bit of impromptu cheering from the Kentucky live crowd.

With Seth Rollins kicking off tonight’s WWE Raw by welcoming the Kentucky crowd to “Monday Night Rollins” he went on to add that last week was crazy.

Crazy it was indeed! With people like Finn Balor, Mustafa Ali, Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory hot after him for the United States Championship.

Mentioning for the first time ever, someone tried to cash in their Money in the Bank contract on the United States Championship.

The crowd retorted by chanting, “That was stupid” in an unscripted moment that Rollins let land with a smirk.

Rollins resuming his mic work by responding:

“I’m sure he’ll be out here later and you guys can tell him how stupid he is then, ha ha ha.”

Informing the crowd that obviously this ushered in the era of the United States Championship title was the biggest prize on Monday night!

Rollins informed that he would be facing former friend and former foe, Finn Balor for the United States Championship.

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