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WWE is taping Raw in Manchester this evening, with the show airing at the usual time tonight on tape delay.

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Here is what we know so far:

  • Crown Jewel received very loud boos when it was mentioned. Look for that to be edited out.
  • Brock Lesnar also received major heat when he was shown on the screen.
  • Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley will wrestle tonight. Their third consecutive meeting on Raw. And who said WWE was creatively redundant?
  • The crowd is said to be “PROGRESS Wembley levels. If true that would be around 5,000
  • Raw is opening with the roster on the stage and security surrounding the ring.

  • Baron Corbin confirmed Raw vs SmackDown men’s match for Survivor Series and Raw vs SmackDown tag team match. The same as last year.
  • Corbin is the Raw team captain but will not be wrestling because of his status as acting GM. Dolph Ziggler, Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre are the first three members of the team.
  • Stephanie McMahon returns next week to address Shane McMahon winning the World Cup at Crown Jewel.
  • Alexa Bliss will captain the Raw women’s team against the SmackDown women’s team. Like Corbin she is not wrestling. In her case it is due to injury.
  • Kurt Angle came out to confront Corbin to a huge pop. Match between Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin with the winner becoming captain of Raw confirmed for tonight.

  • Braun Strowman was very angry about what Baron Corbin did to him at Crown Jewel. Strowman destroyed the security around the ring. Corbin ran away.

  • First match of the night is a rematch from Evolution. The Riott Squad vs. Bayley, Sasha Banks and Natalya. The winners are on the Raw team at Survivor Series.
  • More on anti-Crown Jewel sentiment and what WWE did to combat it:

  • Natalya came to the ring wearing her late father Jim Neidhart’s sunglasses. Liv Morgan snapped them during the bout to get heat. Well, if they will use Roman Reigns’ cancer diagnosis to turn Dean Ambrose heel this sort of tactic is not beyond them. Following that spot the match awkwardly ended without a winner. If only WWE could get heat for its wrestlers without someone having to contract a life-threatening illness or die.
  • Jinder Mahal v Apollo Crews is next. For some reason.

  • ^^^Can’t say I am surprised. Apollo scored the upset. Assume it was with a deadly distraction roll up but cannot confirm yet . . .
  • Seth Rollins is out next, with the belts . . .
  • While we wait to see what Sethy Three Belts has to say, here is an update on the supposed “half empty” arena:


  • Rollins was about to give up the tag belts but Corbin said he had to defend them. On his own. AOP answered the call . . . Yes, they are following a six-woman tag with a wacky finish and a pointless Apollo Crews v Jinder Mahal match with a bizarre handicap match. And we still have Lashley v Balor to come. Yey!
  • Aaaaaaan NEWWWWWWWWWWW Raw tag team champions:

  • Post-match, Dean Ambrose attacked Rollins with Dirty Deeds then left. That poor guy has done a lot of travel with very little to show for it this past week.

  • Here’s a photo of the crowd at Manchester for tonight’s Raw. It looks sparse, it has to be said:

  • Dolph Ziggler is out next, microphone in hand.
  • Elias interrupts and boy is he over like rover in Manchester:

  • Elias had a song for Ziggler:

  • Although not yet confirmed, it seems likely we will see AOP v The Bar at Survivor Series. That could be MOTN if given time.
  • Elias v Dolph Ziggler inevitably followed. Elias was so over as a babyface that the crowd chanted “stand up if you love Elias” then proceeded to do so. He is definitely a fully-fledged card holder in the babyface alliance now.
  • Elias wins what was described as a “decent” match but the really story was the reception he received, which some described as “the best of his career.”
  • Raw women’s champ Ronda Rousey is out to address the crowd next. There’s been a LOT of talking tonight.

  • Ronda says Becky might be ‘the man’ but she is the “baddest bitch on the planet”. Oh, it’s on.
  • Nia Jax v Ember Moon is next. Yes, another rematch.
  • Nia squashed Ember. What a waste. Ember was perhaps the second most over person on the Evolution card.
  • Tamina came out to confront Nia again after the match. Didn’t we see this exact match and angle last week?
  • I spoke too soon! Nia turned fully heel, joining forces with Tamina to beat up Ember after the match. Might have made more sense had Ember won the match like . . .

  • Surely this newly-formed Nia and Tamina tandem is going to be pushed as the monster duo of the long-discussed women’s tag title division? Either that or they are giving Nia backup for her showdown with Rousey.
  • The main event has been changed from Baron Corbin v Kurt Angle to DREW MCINTYRE v Kurt Angle. Is this TNA in disguise? Just kidding – it should be superb.
  • Reason for the change is Corbin has spent the night hiding from Braun and is afraid of him. He ran into a waiting car to escape, changing the match before he left.
  • Lio Rush took the brunt of the Manchester audience’s wit during Lashley v Balor III. The crowd chanted “you’re just a small Bobby Lashley”. Genius.
  • Lashley won as 50-50 booking ensured parity was restored. Sigh. Post-match Drew McIntrye came down, squared up to Lashley (this really is TNA) then helped Balor up . . . and hit him with the Claymore. Not sure but this is possibly something they did that will not air to ensure Drew – who is a Brit – gets booed against Kurt.

  • Main event time – Drew McIntyre v Kurt Angle.
  • From what we are hearing, this is the best Kurt has looked in a WWE ring since his return. He is holding nothing back. He nearly got the win with the Angle Slam but Drew rolled to the outside. Smart dude.
  • Drew wins a very good main event by making Kurt tap to his own ankle lock. Now that’s a heel.

  • Drew also hit an Angle Slam. They are pushing him hard. The crowd was stunned at the result.

  • Strowman came out to clear out the heels after the match.
  • Uh oh. Now for some bad news. Reports indicate that Kurt is hurt. He took a stiff shot early on and was described as looking “woozy” and “not right”. We will have more on this if and when it develops on the main site.

***Keep refreshing this page for updates.***

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