Recent WWE Departure’s Next Move Revealed

Recent WWE Departure’s Next Move Revealed WWE

More details have now been revealed about the next move for a recently departed WWE star after it was announced they wrapped shooting a film.

Ahead of the June 28 edition of SmackDown at Madison Square Garden, Kayla Becker (Kayla Braxton) announced that the show would be her last date with WWE.

During her WWE departure she teased an exciting next move, which has since been revealed.

Earlier we covered Becker taking to Twitter to share details about her just-wrapped project, shooting a film.

In an update to that from PWInsider, more details about the film have since been revealed.

Per their sources “in the entertainment realm”, Becker will be playing the role of ‘Ashley’ in the upcoming film Strangehold.

Directed by Clark Dukes and starring Justin Long, Ashley Benson and Jake Lacey, the film is reportedly centered on a couple.

While one of the duo is a “stripper”, the pair hatch a scheme to rob the club she works at.

Becker recently departed WWE having been with the company since 2016.

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