Recent WWE Recruit Charged With Sexual Battery

Recent WWE Recruit Charged With Sexual Battery WWE

A recent WWE recruit has been charged with sexual battery after an alleged sexual assault in July 2022.

An arrest warrant is currently out for AJ Ferrari, who is a former wrestler for Oklahoma State University. An unnamed woman made the accusations of sexual assault.

Ferrari was one of the first WWE NIL (Next In Line) recruits, and he is still listed on the NIL website as of writing.

The Payne County District Court processed the charge and Ferrari’s bond is set at $25,000.

Ferrari’s attorney has made the following statement:

“It is unfortunate that a student athlete can become a target, primarily because of their status as an elite athlete. AJ is cooperating with law enforcement and is confident the truth will come out. He appreciated his time at Oklahoma State, but he and the University mutually agreed a change was appropriate.”

As mentioned, Ferrari is no longer a student at Oklahoma State University, but the University has not given a reason for him leaving as of this story being written.

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