WWE Rejected Chance To Sign Potential Bloodline Member?

3 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan

WWE Rejected Chance To Sign Potential Bloodline Member? WWE

Despite many expecting The Bloodline to dissipate following WrestleMania 39 they’ve mostly remained together, largely due to Roman Reigns’ continued run as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

While The Usos status in the group may be under threat, there are always others from the Anoa’i family that WWE could recruit.

However, what if WWE did actually have the chance to sign their next Bloodline superstar but passed up on the opportunity?

Well, according to MLW Boss Court Bauer, that is exactly what happened with Jacob Fatu, a major star for the promotion that WWE passed up on bringing in after a tryout at WWE’s Performance Center.

Bauer would detail Fatu’s failed tryout on Busted Open Radio , noting that WWE also passed up on MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone.

Bauer revealed:

“Hammerstone went for a few tryouts and was told, ‘You look too much like Triple H.'”

 “The same with Fatu — people forget he had like three or four tryouts at WWE PC. They didn’t sign him.

“Now, everyone’s like, ‘He should go to WWE.’ There’s a reason the dude keeps re-upping with us.

“This is the system that has figured it out. We found him, and he found himself. 

“He has all the love for his family (The Bloodline) and what they’re doing there (in WWE), but he’s enjoying his time in MLW.

“If you’re finding him on MLW, support the company that gave him that spotlight.

“Don’t try to fancy book something, when the machine there (in WWE) didn’t get it, didn’t see it. So, support where he is and where he is thriving.”

Both Fatu and Hammerstone would fatefully debut with MLW on the very same night on January 25, 2019.

Bauer would reiterate the importance of both men to the promotion’s success over the last five years, naming them the “bedrock” of the promotion.

Bauer said:

“Hammerstone and Fatu have been the bedrock of MLW.”

“We have built the last 4 or 5 years of MLW on the back of them.”

If both Hammerstone and Fatu continue to impress and grow as performers it’s hard to imagine WWE ever passing up on the opportunity to right this wrong in the future.

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Transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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