WWE Releases Hilarious New Dominik Mysterio T-Shirt

WWE Releases Hilarious New Dominik Mysterio T-Shirt WWE

WWE Raw star and Judgment Day member Dominik Mysterio seemingly spent his Christmas behind bars.

WWE uploaded a video of Dominik and Rhea Ripley arriving at Dominik’s grandfather’s house for Christmas, before he was told to leave by Rey Mysterio.

Dominik and his father got into a shouting match on the front yard, shoving Rey and starting a physical dispute.

The video ended with Mysterio being handcuffed by the police, with him ordering Rhea to ‘call Finn (Balor) and (Damian) Priest’ to bail him out.

Dominik provided many great one liners during the video, including ‘my mom hit mami’ and ‘I won’t make it in jail’.

One major change under the new WWE regime is that WWE now apparently capitalises on moments right away rather than six months later, so WWE Shop have now released a hilarious new shirt coming out of the segment.

The shirt pictures three stills of Dominik during the video, with the text ‘bail me out, mami! I won’t make it in jail.” written on it.

Rhea took to Twitter to react to the new merch, saying:

Wow @WWE…

This week’s episode of Raw was a best of show, so Dominik is obviously still behind bars.

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