WWE Reminds Fans Cody Rhodes Used To Be Stardust

2 weeks ago by Ryan Coogan

WWE Reminds Fans Cody Rhodes Used To Be Stardust WWE

WWE has finally taken revenge against Cody Rhodes for founding AEW by reminding all of its fans that he used to wrestle as Stardust.

Rhodes, along with Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and Tony Khan, was one of the founding members of All Elite Wrestling back in 2019, after spending several years as a member of the WWE roster.

He made the shocking decision to leave the promotion he helped create in February of this year, and then the even more shocking decision to re-join WWE in April, appearing as a surprise opponent for Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38.

Rhodes’ own body rebelled against the decision, as his pectoral muscle spontaneously exploded prior to his main event rematch against Rollins at this year’s Hell in a Cell.

While Rhodes has been absent from the company since June, WWE has been more than happy to remind fans of his existence in the run up to this year’s Survivor Series event.

The company’s website uploaded a series of images of prior Survivor Series matches to get fans hyped for the event, one of which included Rhodes… under his former gimmick of Stardust.

Rhodes debuted the Stardust persona – a riff on his brother Dustin Rhodes’ Goldust character – in June of 2014.

Rhodes was not a fan of his cosmic alter-ego, and being shackled with the character contributed to his decision to leave WWE in May 2016.

Does WWE’s nod to the gimmick mean that we may see Rhodes re-debut the stars and face paint when he returns to television?

Probably not.

But it would be pretty funny if he did.

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