Current SmackDown Name Discusses Retirement

4 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

Current SmackDown Name Discusses Retirement WWE

A major WWE name has speculated on when his retirement might be coming up and what he plans to do after leaving the company.

Appearing on the Pat McAfee show, Michael Cole rebuked criticism from McAfee that he would “never” retire, noting that he absolutely plans to retire.

Cole said of his ideal timeframe for retirement:

“Oh, well, I’m gonna have to stop or else. I’m gonna be married 30 years, so if I want it to last longer than that, I’m probably going to have to stop at some point.

“But no, it won’t be anytime soon. I still got a lot of work to do with this company. I mean, there’s still a lot of stuff to do. Still a lot of shows to call.

“I told somebody that I would — you know, I’m 56 now, so 60 sounds like a pretty good age to maybe slow down a little bit.”

Speculating what he might do after retirement after having had such a lengthy career on the road, Cole wasn’t concerned.

Noting he thought it would in fact be pretty easy to sit down and watch the sunset with a bottle of Jack Daniels and his dog by his side.

Michael Cole was not drafted to a different brand in the 2023 WWE Draft and presumably will remain paired with Wade Barrett on WWE SmackDown, Friday nights on Fox.

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