Released WWE Star Returns & Sets Embarrassing Royal Rumble Record

Released WWE Star Returns & Sets Embarrassing Royal Rumble Record WWE

Not only did one WWE star finally return ‘home’ at the 2023 Royal Rumble, she also set a Women’s Royal Rumble record!

After music hit and graphic were displayed, WWE fans finally caught a glimpse of a long to be rumored star returning to the women’s division.

Chelsea Green has made her return to WWE to join the entrants in the 2023 Royal Rumble.

Although her turn in the Rumble was quite short… as in a record breaker!

What some could refer to the Royal Rumble 2023 entry for Chelsea Green as ’embarrassingly’ short, her Royal Rumble attempt was over before it ever really began.

She was eliminated within seconds by entrant number one, Rhea Ripley.

Despite the title of this article, this writer remains an ardent Chelsea Green supporter, obviously she will have a reasonable explanation for this!

Perhaps she needs to speak to someone’s manager?

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