Former WWE Name Opens Up About Rey Mysterio & Dominik Storyline

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Former WWE Name Opens Up About Rey Mysterio & Dominik Storyline WWE

A former WWE name has opened up about the current Rey Mysterio & Dominik storyline leading up to WrestleMania 39.

Vickie Guerrero’s history with Rey and Dominik Mysterio goes back decades, including the SummerSlam 2005 ladder match that saw Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero fight for the custody of Dominik.

Vickie Guerrero would speak about the feud between Rey and Dominik on The Whole Story Podcast, saying:

“I wish I was part of it! I just think ‘Man, they’re having so much fun…’

“Dominik and Rhea have always texted me, and we talked back and forth, and they’ve always had my support.”

The discussion would also note how Dominik’s current appearance has echoes of the late Eddie Guerrero, with Vickie saying:

“It was remarkable how much they looked alike.

“I told Dominik ‘You have this honorary position of having Eddie live in the storyline, and you have my support.’”

Dominik has invited the whole Mysterio family to decide on whether Rey should fight him at WrestleMania 39.

Plans for the father and son at WrestleMania were recently revealed, including what may take place at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Transcript from ewrestlingnews.

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