Top Star Praises WWE 2K23 Realism

2 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Top Star Praises WWE 2K23 Realism 2K Games

A top star has praised the levels of realism in the newly-released WWE 2K23 video game, saying 2K Games “killed it this year.”

Rhea Ripley spoke about her character model to the Checkpoint Podcast, saying:

“It looks exactly like me, it walks exactly like me.

“You’ve got Finn and Priest there next to me. Dom hasn’t been added yet, but I know people are gonna do it.”

She would also praise the accuracy of her tattoos on her character model, stating:

“It’s insane to see how spot-on it is. Even just like my tattoos. My tattoos are in the game.”

Ripley would conclude her praise by saying:

“I think 2K definitely killed it this year around. I think everything is so extremely spot-on.”

Tattoos have been something of a sore topic for WWE and 2K Games with a long-running court case recently coming to an end and both parties trying to get the ruling overturned.

The jury for the case concluded that the defendants had not proven that the tattoos came under “fair use”, and that Alexander was entitled to $3,750 in damages.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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