WWE Hall Of Famer Strayed Massively From Approved Script

WWE Hall Of Famer Strayed Massively From Approved Script WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer strayed massively from the approved script at the Class of 2023 induction ceremony on March 31.

Ric Flair inducted the legendary Japanese wrestler Great Muta into the WWE Hall of Fame in a speech that made WWE higher-ups “unhappy.”

Highlights from Flair speaking about Muta and Muta addressing his induction can be seen below this news story.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), the level by which Flair strayed from the approved script has now been revealed.

Addressing the subject, Dave Meltzer wrote:

“For the Hall of Fame, there was a teleprompter where the planned speeches were written and pretty much everyone except Ric Flair read them so what was said was planned out and approved…

“The thing is that Flair didn’t read the teleprompter at all and just gave a speech having nothing to do with the script until the very end when he got back on script.

“The stuff listing Riki Choshu and Tenryu and Fujinami was actually the stuff that was in his script.”

As noted when he was announced as an inductee, The Great Muta has never wrestled for WWE, but he did participate in the NJPW & WWF Champions Series in Japan back in 1985 and often competed for NWA and WCW in the late 80s into the 90s.

Muta was a former WCW Tag Team Champion and also had a legendary rivalry with Sting over the NWA World Television Championship.

Muta’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame also gave us our first look at Vince McMahon’s choice of facial hair.

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