WWE’s Ricochet Signing To TNA Wrestling Would Be ‘Kick Up The Ass’ Says Current Star

WWE’s Ricochet Signing To TNA Wrestling Would Be ‘Kick Up The Ass’ Says Current Star WWE

With Ricochet’s WWE exit fast approaching, a TNA Wrestling star has given his thoughts on the highflier joining the company.

It was recently reported that ‘multiple sources’ had confirmed Ricochet had given notice to WWE ahead of his contract expiry in the summer.

With Ricochet entering free agency, it has also been reported that WWE expects him to join AEW.

Leon Slater would like to see him have a run in TNA Wrestling, however, noting it would be a ‘kick up the ass’ for the X-Division.

In comments made in a recent exclusive interview with Cultaholic’s Tom Campbell, the TNA Wrestling star said:

“Again, I think that would be extremely cool [if Ricochet landed in TNA Wrestling] as I think a lot of people from my kind of generation, we kind of grew up on Ricochet.

“Him and [Will] Ospreay really introduced this new style that we all kind of mold ourselves into so to get to work with him would be incredible for sure, and I think more than anything,

“I think it’d be a real kick up the ass for us all in the X Division to really up our game because Ricochet… he’s one of the greatest high-fliers of all-time and one of the greatest to ever do this style that we do.

“So especially for me, I think it’d be a great challenge and I think he’d be someone that I’d really wanna step up to and up my game to face.”

Slater signed with TNA Wrestling under a “long-term contract” in October 2023, recently taking on Mustafa Ali at the May 18 tapings with the match broadcast on TNA iMPACT on May 30, 2024.

He continues to work across the independent scene, particularly in the United Kingdom and is the NORTH Wrestling Champion.

With the ongoing partnership between WWE and TNA Wrestling, Slater’s name was also brought up as a possible talent the WWE would like to work with in a report by Fightful Select.

Slater would react by saying it was “extremely cool” to have his name in the conversation but he’s “trying not to get too excited” noting it is just a rumor at this stage.

Transcript from Post Wrestling.

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