Former WWE Star Says He Won’t Be ‘Just A Guy On The Roster’ If He Returns

1 month ago by Sanchez Taylor

Former WWE Star Says He Won’t Be ‘Just A Guy On The Roster’ If He Returns WWE

Former WWE star Matt Cardona has addressed the possibility of a WWE return, amid speculation about his wrestling future.

Since Triple H took over creative in July 2022, it has been rumored that the former ‘Zack Ryder’ will eventually make a WWE comeback.

While Cardona’s wife Chelsea Green has since re-joined WWE, Cardona hasn’t yet made a return to the company.

With Cardona reportedly done with IMPACT Wrestling, rumors have once again been swirling about another WWE run.

Speaking on the Heated Shenanigans Podcast, Cardona noted that if he does return, he doesn’t want to just be a guy on the roster:

“I’m not gonna come back to, you know, just be on the show. I would never go back just to be back. I’ve been on the roster.

“I was there. Very fortunate for my time there. Spent over a decade there. But I did the whole just the guy on the roster thing. I have no desire to do that again.

“If I’m gonna be there, I wanna matter. And I think I proved over the past three years that I’m more than capable of holding my own.

“And if I ever get that opportunity again, I think I’ll prove that to the world.”

Discussing possible feuds for his potential WWE return, Cardona said:

“I don’t know, off the top of my head, what my first program would be back but there’s a lot of guys I’d like to get in the ring with.

“Cody Rhodes is one of them. And there’s a story that is more than just a wrestling story. A true life story. And I think that’s what makes wrestling the most special is when there’s that element of realism behind it.

“Like, is this real? Is this not? When you have to question, I think that’s when wrestling is at its best. And also he’s at the top, right? So, go right for the top dog.”

WWE recently missed out on hiring several top names due to a reported ‘hiring freeze’. For details on the stars who WWE was in talks with, click here.

Transcription via Sportskeeda

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