Planned 2023 WWE Royal Rumble Card Revealed

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Planned 2023 WWE Royal Rumble Card Revealed WWE

WWE Royal Rumble takes place on Saturday, January 28 and a recent report has suggested the matches we could be seeing.

In the current Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Dave Meltzer states:

“We did get a lineup that was with planned listing for the Royal Rumble written in mid-November which listed the Pitch Black match, Reigns vs. Owens for the title (which they seem to be building), The Brood Edge vs. Demon Finn Balor in a Hell in a Cell match and Rousey vs. Raquel Rodriguez for the Smackdown women’s title as the rest of the card.

“Obviously, Rousey vs. Rodriguez was changed and Flair vs. Rousey would make sense for the show stemming from this week’s Smackdown.”

The Mountain Dew Pitch Black match was recently announced and will see Bray Wyatt and LA Knight square off under the tag line of ‘anything can happen’.

This would strongly suggest that the matched will favour the Bray Wyatt character, though hopefully not in a Wyatt vs Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33 way.

For Mountain Dew fans, as previously noted, Mountain Dew Pitch Black was originally a limited edition Halloween flavor in 2004 which was recently announced to making a return to shelves in January 2023.

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