Could Tony Khan Buy WWE?

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Could Tony Khan Buy WWE? AEW

One thing that we do know is that there are plans to sell WWE; it’s just the identity of the buy that will, at this stage, remain a mystery.

With news that Tony Khan is following the potential sale of WWE “very closely”, the possibility of the AEW owner buying the company was raised on the 83 Weeks podcast (subscription required).

Addressing the possibility that Khan could add WWE to his empire of AEW and ROH, host Conrad Thompson stated:

“I got two phone calls last week from different people who, well, they’re names in the wrestling community.

“‘Would Tony Khan have the capacity to buy WWE?'”

Answering this question, Thompson went on to say:

“I think the answer is, yes, he has the capacity. There is no question that he would be able to put together a deal.

“But, I would just, I would put the odds of that being near zero.

“Like what would be, I don’t know why Tony Khan would do that. I don’t see the upside of Tony Khan doing that.”

Eric Bischoff would elaborate on whether it’s a good idea for Khan to buy his competition, saying:

“How much of your 11 billion dollars of your net worth — depending on how much of it is even liquid — are you willing to put on WWE?

You’ve got the Jags, you’ve got a football team in England, you’ve got AEW, I don’t know what other businesses they’re in, but do you really, really want to do that?”

Dave Meltzer, of Wrestling Observer, had recently provided an update on the status of the WWE sale, reporting that Nick Khan had meetings with some “heavy hitters” in the entertainment industry but also that “Saudi Arabia is in the hunt.”

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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