Sami Zayn Opens Up On ‘Less Is More’ WWE Creative Process

4 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Sami Zayn Opens Up On ‘Less Is More’ WWE Creative Process WWE

Sami Zayn has opened up about the “less is more” approach to the WWE creative process when it comes to his own promo work.

A fundamental part of one of the most successful WWE storylines in past years, former Bloodline member Sami Zayn discussed his approach to promos in an appearance on Whisky Ginger.

Speaking to Andrew Santino, Zayn revealed that he’s not great when it comes to low word count, stating:

“I have all these things I want to say. If I have a writer working with me, I’m like, ‘Here’s a lot, help me whittle it down.'”

He would then go on to discuss his experience of his promos in the Bloodline and discuss how it’s changed over time, saying:

“The last year or two, especially, maybe even three, the more time I’ve had … the more you start to realize, man, like, ‘There’s so much fluff,’

“You can say so much less and get so much more out of it. That just takes time to learn.”

Recently, LA Knight praised Zayn for his mic work, pointing out that he went from a guy who “avoided” the mic to someone who is now “electric.”

Paul Heyman has previously shared his thoughts on Sami Zayn, referring to him as having “seized the moment” from the “crumbs of a segment” that he was given.

Sami Zayn has also spoken about how Matt & Jeff Hardy inspired him as a young wrestler.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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