WWE Hall Of Famer Compares Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens To Hardcore Legend

WWE Hall Of Famer Compares Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens To Hardcore Legend WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has compared Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to a hardcore legend and declared who is most similar.

Sami Zayn had recently discussed comparisons between himself and both Bryan Danielson and Mick Foley based on their shared appeal to the audience.

Describing the “weird charisma” that they all share, along with the connection to the audience, Zayn would say he was “flattered” by the comparisons.

Now, Ric Flair has weighed in on the subject, speaking on To Be The Man, and thrown Kevin Owens’s name into the mix, saying:

“Kevin Owens reminds me more of Foley than Sami Zayn does.”

The Nature Boy would go on to explain his reasoning, adding:

“Kevin does crazy sh*t.

“I said, ‘I hope they’re paying you,’ he said ‘they are.’

“I said, ‘good, don’t be afraid, don’t be shy to ask because nobody else is going to do that sh*t.”

In the interview, Flair would reflect on the WrestleMania 36 match in which, in front of no fans, Owens would leap from the WrestleMania sign to crash through a table in his match with Seth Rollins.

It’s for his history of risk-taking in his matches that Flair considered Owens to be comparable to Mick Foley.

Ric Flair was recently named as one of The Undertaker’s picks for his WWE Mount Rushmore.

Seth Rollins would also name Ric Flair as one of the faces of his fashion Mount Rushmore.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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