Sami Zayn Opens Up About WWE & Personal Doubts Over Bloodline Story

Sami Zayn Opens Up About WWE & Personal Doubts Over Bloodline Story WWE

Sami Zayn has opened up about the doubts over his involvement in the Bloodline story that came from him and others in WWE.

With the story being considered a resounding success among fans, critics and industry voices alike, Sami Zayn’s role in the Bloodline was a topic of conversation in a recent episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick.

During the interview, Zayn reflected on how special the storyline has been saying “it’s something I’m particularly proud of, but also like a bit shocked by.”

He would also discuss the early nerves over his involvement in the stable, revealing that some in WWE also shared concerns, saying:

“Yeah, there were, and I can’t mention names [laughs]. There were doubts as to whether it should even happen. Even in its early infancy stage of it all.

Then, for me, going back to a question about impatience. There was a point when I was actually very impatient with the storyline and I was almost ready to abandon ship and say, ‘Okay, we need to start moving on in a different direction if this isn’t going to go where it needs to go.'”

Zayn would also discuss the source of his concerns and the need for Roman Reigns to be integral in the storytelling, adding:

“For me, it all hinged on me and Roman getting together finally and the swerve being, ‘Roman likes this guy.’ You expect him to not like him, but he meets him, and he likes him.

“That was the money of the whole thing. He buys in. Roman drives the whole story, and it works very well, even if he’s not there, but because he’s the main antagonist, his decision at the next point in the story is going to drive and propel the story in whatever direction it’s going. You needed him involved.”

In the podcast episode, Zayn spoke on the “wild assumptions” over not appearing on WWE’s Saudia Arabia shows.

The comments have reportedly been removed from the podcast episode with no reason given as to why the comments were edited out or what specific assumptions Sami was referring to in his quote.

Zayn would also discuss the comment related to John Cena that he heard during his time in WWE NXT, describing it as “insanity.”

Roman Reigns recently celebrated 1,000 days as WWE Champion on WWE SmackDown, although the betrayal of Jimmy Uso is still casting a shadow over the Tribal Chief’s table.

Transcript from Fightful.

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4 months ago by Dave Adamson


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