Sami Zayn Recalls Terrifying WWE Moment

Sami Zayn Recalls Terrifying WWE Moment WWE

Sami Zayn, currently an integral part of WWE’s The Bloodline, recently recalled a WWE spot that left him “terrified”.

In this case, it wasn’t the Trial of Sami Zayn that took place on WWE Raw’s 30th Anniversary Show, but a moment from 2017.

Speaking to The Detroit News, Zayn looked back at Hell in the Cell, which saw Shane McMahon leap from the top of a 20-foot steel cage in an attempt to hit an elbow drop on Kevin Owens.

Zayn recalled his feelings during the moment, saying:

“I was terrified. You’re talking about micro split-second timing.”

It was a crucial moment in the match, with Zayn pulling Owens of the table at the last possible second and they had one chance to get it right.

Of this, Zayn would go on to say:

“I almost felt like this is beyond the scope of what we should be qualified to do as pro wrestlers, but it’s one of the many hats we wear.

“We’re not just performing wrestling maneuvers, on this level there’s also storytelling and stunt work and sometimes you’re your own travel agent, your own booking agent, your own manager, your own stylist and your own everything else. And sometimes you’re also your own stunt coordinator.”

Having to calculate the precise moment where he could drag Owens to safety whilst keeping the drama and tension at its highest peak, Zayn stated:

“It was something that was barely rehearsed — how could you rehearse it? — and it was just like, ‘go out there and do it.’

“Whereas if this was on a movie set, this would be something that was carefully planned and plotted and there would be zero room for error and you’d have 100 shots at it.

“And it just kind of reinforced how unique and insane what we do actually is.

“And when I stop to think about it, it’s kind of insulting that we don’t get the respect we deserve when it comes to this sort of thing in the world of entertainment.

“What we do is beyond just flying without a safety net. There’s nothing that even compares.”

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