WWE Hall Of Famer’s Vision Meant Wrestlers ‘Made Lots Of Money’ Says ECW Legend

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Hall Of Famer’s Vision Meant Wrestlers ‘Made Lots Of Money’ Says ECW Legend WWE

An ECW legend has credited a WWE Hall of Famer with the vision that has enabled today’s pro wrestlers to experience big paydays.

The Blue Meanie, who performed in ECW, WCW and WWE, has cited Scott Hall as the catalyst for what is commonplace in WWE, AEW and other companies decades ater.

Speaking on Wrestlebinge by Sportskeeda, Meanie said:

“Scott Hall, talk about a great guy, a great visionary.

“A lot of pro wrestlers make a lot of money today because Scott Hall had the vision to go from WWE to WCW which made Vince start paying wrestlers guaranteed money.

“You know, and so, a lot of wrestlers who make decent, really good money today owe Scott Hall.”

Meanie would also reflect upon the BWO (Blue World Order), a separate entity from the nWo, revealing Hall’s opinion, saying:

“When it comes to the BWO, he was really cool with it.”

The impact of both groups is still felt today, with Meanie concluding:

“All the NWO members were very cool with the BWO and that makes it even more worth it that, you know, 25 years, or almost 30 years later people still talk about the BWO.

“That is all in part to Scott Hall and his vision of saying, ‘No, I need to go from WWE to WCW,’ and created the Monday Night Wars.”

Blue Meanie has made his way into AEW, making a cameo appearance on AEW Dark: Elevation in October 2021, supporting Crowbar.

Unfortunately, Meanie’s presence wasn’t enough to save Crowbar from defeat against Joey Janela.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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