Recent WWE Match Highly Praised Backstage

2 months ago by Liam Winnard

Recent WWE Match Highly Praised Backstage WWE

A match that took place on the latest episode of WWE Raw on April 17 is said to have been met with a positive reaction backstage.

For the first time since his bizarre Raw after WrestleMania 39 segment, Seth Rollins was on Raw this past Monday.

Rollins had a match against The Miz, which a lot of fans had applauded as being one of the best Raw matches in quite some time.

It seems that sentiment was shared from those backstage according to Fightful Select‘s latest report.

Fightful stated there was “a lot of positive reception” for the Rollins vs Miz match behind the scenes.

Miz took to Twitter afterwards demanding fans to ‘put some respect on his name’ and referring to himself as Monday Night Miz.

Of course, it helped that 1) Miz was allowed to have a serious match instead of the usual comedy routine, and 2) he was in there with Seth Rollins, who could probably have a good match with a mop.

Rollins came out the winner, but it was the best showing for Miz in a long time and was clearly designed to serve as a reminder that he’s more than just a comedy jobber, which is basically what he’s been presented as for ages now.

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