NJPW Name Would Love To See Popular WWE Star Return

3 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

NJPW Name Would Love To See Popular WWE Star Return WWE/NJPW

A New Japan Pro-Wrestling name has revealed the identity of the WWE star that they would like to see make an NJPW return.

NJPW’s Rocky Romero recently spoke to Comedy Store Wrestling and spoke about one of New Japan’s top stars who left for WWE in 2016.

Talking about Shinsuke Nakamura, Romero said:

“I would love to see Nakamura come back to New Japan and do some really cool matches.

“We got some big ones, he got to work with Okada and so many great matches with Tanahashi, but he is somebody who is so important to New Japan and the history, that him coming back, just for the fans, would be massive.

“I would like to see him. Unfortunately, he’s not on TV all the time, he kind of disappeared from TV for a little bit.

“Him coming back and doing a couple of matches would be good for him to get people really excited about him and his character, and also wanting to give back to our fans who have been so loyal over the last few years.”

Nakamura did make a return to Japan, albeit for Pro Wrestling NOAH, when he faced The Great Muta in January 2023.

In the podcast, Romero also revealed conversations with Finn Balor that may have led to an NJPW return of his own.

He also said that NJPW’s door is open for any talent unhappy to be with WWE.

Transcript from Fightful.

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