Bray Wyatt Extends Apology On WWE SmackDown

Bray Wyatt Extends Apology On WWE SmackDown WWE

On tonight’s edition (November 18) edition of WWE SmackDown Bray Wyatt got into the ring to address the crowd and to make an apology.

Making an appearance in the ring, Wyatt reported that he was there to make an apology after last week.

Wyatt said he wanted to apologize to LA Knight for having a moment of weakness and having strayed away from his path.

It was at that point that Knight interrupted, with a promo from the star, saying that he had thought a lot over the past week about their interaction.

LA Knight believed that he has earned Wyatt’s respect however mid-sentence after approaching, reached out and surprise slapped him!

After quickly escaping to the ring apron, Knight told Wyatt that now they’re even and they can go their separate ways.

Wyatt telling Knight, extending a handshake:

“Alright, we’re even. Even. Look man, there’s a lot I want to do to you right now but I’m not going to, I’m going to fight all these urges brother. The decision you make right now is about to change the rest of your life. We’re even?”

Knight did not shake his hand however slapped him, mugging for the camera saying, “two for one special!” as Uncle Howdy flashed on the tron screen.

As he walked away, Wyatt clearly had gone into a dissociative state and was shown just blankly staring.

Commentary noting that Bray “isn’t very stable”.

In a backstage segment after the commercial break featuring the Usos and Karrion Kross with Scarlett, Wyatt was seen behind them having what appeared to be a passionate conversation.

But who was he talking to…?

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