Cody Rhodes Makes Surprise Appearance On SmackDown

2 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

Cody Rhodes Makes Surprise Appearance On SmackDown WWE

On tonight’s WWE SmackDown (March 10) Cody Rhodes made a shock appearance in the closing segment of the show.

After Jey Uso came out to explain his rationale for choosing the Bloodline over Sami Zayn at the end of this week’s WWE Raw, Jimmy Uso turned his attention to Cody Rhodes.

However as if summoning him, Rhodes’ signature entrance kicked off as Cody was in the building!

Telling the Usos that they don’t need to talk about him behind his back, he’s right there, their attention was focused on the American Nightmare until Jey was attacked from behind.

A wild Sami Zayn had appeared to attack!

While the two dyads brawled throughout the crowd, there appeared to be a spot where Cody Rhodes snatched someone’s drink and tossed it at the Usos but the camera quickly cut away.

In the end, Rhodes and Zayn chased off the WWE Tag Team Champions with show ending as the pair stood tall, Rhodes raising Zayn’s arm in victory as the final visual.

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