WWE Star Debuts New Look On SmackDown

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star Debuts New Look On SmackDown WWE

A WWE star has debuted a new look on tonight’s WWE SmackDown to match their burgeoning new character change.

Taking on Sonya Deville in a match on WWE SmackDown, Liv Morgan came to the ring with a new look.

With new Harley Quinn inspired gear and makeup, Morgan certainly was continuing to sport her new darker attitude as well.

Playing up her continuing pleasure from pain, Morgan’s smile through the battle was pointed out by commentary and highlighted repeatedly by Liv during the match as well including calling her smile, “creepy” and “weird.”

At one point, Morgan was hitting herself and screaming “hit me Sonya!” with Deville playing up the confusion about Liv “snapping” and attempting to escape the wrath from the second wind of the new more vicious persona of Morgan.

After Liv’s beatdown outside the ring lasted a bit too long, the referee ended the match due to a countout.

The new extreme version of Liv went on to toss folding chairs into the ring (while for their part, the crowd chanted, “we want tables!”) and leisurely collect them from around the ringside area before superplexing herself and Deville onto them and then creepily laugh about it some more.

How do you feel about Harley Quinn cosplay for a female talent, is this a played out trope? Let us know in the comments or Twitter!

You can follow along with everything happening on tonight’s edition of WWE Smackdown by clicking here. 

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