WWE Star Attacked Backstage By WrestleMania 39 Opponents

WWE Star Attacked Backstage By WrestleMania 39 Opponents WWE

A WWE star was attacked backstage ahead of tonight’s WWE Raw (March 13) by her WrestleMania 39 opponents in a violent display.

In a clip shared earlier on social media but then also shown on WWE Raw’s broadcast, there are several storylines intersecting in the backstage clip.

Firstly, Chad Gable is searching for Otis after he has been “missing” since last week’s Monday Night Raw. Has Otis been captured by Maxxine Dupri and the Maximum Male Models?

Secondly, the Miz was bragging about being the host of WrestleMania 39 and raucuously laughing at the notion he would be open to adding a co-host for the event.

However before Cathy Kelley can finish her pitch as to why she could be an excellent co-host for the Miz, backstage violence broke out!

After hearing a commotion, the camera focuses on Damage CTRL (Bayley, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai) attacking Trish Stratus backstage.

With each member getting a shot in, the clip ends with Stratus laid out backstage!

We’ll have to stay tuned to the rest of tonight’s WWE Raw to find out what happens as a result of this attack.

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