WWE Star Butch Reveals When He Found Out About Name Change

6 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

WWE Star Butch Reveals When He Found Out About Name Change WWE

Butch (fka Pete Dunne) has revealed when he learned that WWE planned to change his name ahead of his main roster debut.

‘Butch’ debuted his new name on the March 11 edition of SmackDown, aligning himself with with Sheamus & Ridge Holland.

Speaking on BBC’s Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, Butch noted that while his official call-up was really fast, he felt like he was going to have his name changed after leaving NXT.

Butch said:

“I kind of had an idea of the fact that my NXT time might be coming to an end for a few weeks now. But in terms of the call up to SmackDown, and everything that came with it, that was really fast. It would have been the day before I was traveling, pretty much, starting to find bits and pieces out.

“But, yeah, I’ve known for a while that oh, really since the change in NXT, I’ve known that, ‘Okay, I’m probably going to the end of my spell at NXT.’ Especially in the last month or so, things have really amped up oh, you know, you start hearing things in that kind of stuff. but WrestleMania season, that adds to it oh, what a great time to be called up. I’m in the mix.”

You can read more of Butch’s thoughts on his controversial name change right here.

Another star that might have to undergo a name change is former Raw Tag Team Champion Chad Gable. Olympic and NCAA Champion Gable Steveson has discussed the likelihood of Chad Gable having to adopt a different ring name after he joins WWE full-time.

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