Top WWE Star Continues Character Change On Raw

3 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Top WWE Star Continues Character Change On Raw WWE

In recent weeks, Alexa Bliss has been teasing a shift back towards her more dark, sinister character.

Since Wyatt’s return to the company, his logo has been flashing up during Alexa’s segments on Raw, causing her to revert back to her darker side.

This was never more present than last week’s episode of Raw.

Alexa defeated Bayley for the right to face Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship, before Wyatt’s logo flashed on the screen.

Alexa teased hitting Bianca with a Sister Abigail after the logo appeared, but ultimately did not hit her with it.

On tonight’s (December 19) episode of Raw, Bianca and Alexa took part in a sit down backstage interview with Byron Saxton.

Bianca asked Alexa why she did what she did, to which Alexa said she didn’t know, and told the story of Bray Wyatt kidnapping her back in 2020.

The two turned their attention to their title match, with them wishing each other luck in the bout.

Then, Wyatt’s logo again flashed on screen, and Alexa snapped, smashing a vase over Bianca’s head.

The Raw Women’s Championship match between the two will take place on the January 2 episode of Raw.

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