Ex-WWE Star Deletes Twitter After Backlash For Intergender Wrestling Comments

Ex-WWE Star Deletes Twitter After Backlash For Intergender Wrestling Comments WWE

An ex-WWE star has deleted their Twitter account after facing backlash for comments regarding intergender wrestling matches.

Seemingly kicking off a firestorm for himself, the former Scotty 2 Hotty (real name Scott Garland) hopped on to Twitter to make a public declaration.

Garland writing:

“Dear promoters. I DO NOT ‘fight’ women. I’m 49 & have a 20 year old daughter. ‘Hurting’ women isn’t appealing to me.

I understand that there are men that do it these days. It’s just not my thing. If that makes me old or out of touch, I’ll take it. Please stop trying to book it.”

Jumping in to address any potential claims of hypocrisy before it arose, the star owned up to the fact that he had in the past participated in intergender wrestling matches, however provided a caveat.

Explaining the difference between now and then, he said:

“Also, before my matches from 20+ years ago with Linda Miles, Chyna, or any other women are brought up, I know what I did. It was a different time, a different place, & I wasn’t a father to a 20 yr old daughter.”

The comments drew backlash from some fans who disagreed and then it appears Garland had enough of the bird app.

At time of writing his account is noted as no longer existing, signaling that it has been deleted or inactivated.

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