WWE Star Believes WrestleMania 39 Storyline ‘The Best’ In Over 25 Years

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

WWE Star Believes WrestleMania 39 Storyline ‘The Best’ In Over 25 Years WWE

WWE have portrayed many, many stories in the 26 years since Michael Cole joined the company, however, only a small selection have truly lived long in the memory.

Austin vs McMahon, Daniel Bryan’s Yes Movement and Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho’s 2008 feud are a handful of examples that fans have held in high regard.

However, according to Cole himself there is one current story that is above them all and any other WWE has done since he joined WWE.

Speaking to Richard Deitsch on the Sports Media Podcast, Cole would hail the current Bloodline saga as the best he has directly been a part of.

Cole said:

“It’s incredible. This story is the best story that I’ve been involved in for 26 years. Bar none, by far, for so many different reasons. When I made that comment about the story should win an Emmy, I got laughed at by a lot of people.

“I’ll say it again today, that this story deserves an Emmy, or at least a nomination. We’re wrestling, we’re sports entertainment. We’re a joke to a lot of people within the Hollywood world. But it’s about time that the work that we do in our company is recognized in that level.”

Cole would highlight the longevity of the angle as it’s most impressive aspect, while comparing it to other ‘critically acclaimed’ television shows.

“We’re doing live episodic television 52 weeks a year.

“We’re not doing a nine-episode ‘Last of Us’, which now goes on hiatus for a year-and-half or two years until they do their next nine episodes. We’re doing compelling episodic television every single week.

“So everyone from Paul Levesque to the people on the creative writing team to the superstars/actors who are involved, they all deserve recognition for this because this has be an incredible story that’s been going on for almost three years.

“That’s 52 weeks a year for three years we have delivered compelling television that hasn’t gotten boring, that has had twists and turns that you can put up with any television show on the planet right now.”

The Bloodline saga may be set to finally meet it’s end at this weekend’s WrestleMania when both The Usos and Roman Reigns defend their respective undisputed championships.

Transcript courtesy of Inside The Ropes

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