Returning WWE Star Says Being Released Was ‘One Of The Worst Experiences’ Of Their Life

Returning WWE Star Says Being Released Was ‘One Of The Worst Experiences’ Of Their Life WWE

With Triple H taking over WWE creative back in July, many former WWE stars have made their returns to the company.

The returns included those of Top Dolla, B-Fab and Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis of Hit Row, who made their WWE returns back in August after being released in November 2021.

The three were released alongside former member Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, who is now in AEW as Swerve Strickland, which prevented him from returning to the company alongside the rest of Hit Row.

Speaking on the WWE Out of Character podcast, Top Dolla detailed his WWE release, and how he felt ‘shame’ after his release last year.

He said:

“Um, disappointment. Like shame. I’ve worked to get to that point and like we had the fastest call up ever in NXT history, to then be released a month later. Well, honestly, I didn’t know that this would happen.

“I had no assurances that I’d be back at WWE again. So I felt like maybe the two years that I had spent in NXT getting to that point was just a waste of my time because I was gonna have to go do something else now.”

Top Dolla then said that it was a blessing that he stayed in contact with Triple H after his WWE release, as that helped get him back in the company.

He explained:

“What ended up happening, which was a blessing, was the fact that I always stayed in contact with Hunter.

“We didn’t talk wrestling all the time. We just talked every once a while about random things. When he obviously got back in charge, I saw him bring Dakota and IYO back, and I was like, ‘Oh, okay, all right, cool. So he’s bringing people back. I was like, maybe he’ll bring us back. But I don’t know how he feels. I don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish. I don’t know what he’s doing.’

“Then like, two days later, he calls me and I’m like, ‘Oh, okay, yeah, let’s do it. I’m ready. Let’s rock.'”

Top Dolla said that his release led to him being ‘genuinely depressed’, and was one of the worst experiences of his life.

He said:

“When we first got released, it was tough. I was genuinely depressed, like, I had spent my entire life looking for a chance to get an opportunity to be on SmackDown, to be on RAW.

“Then I got there and then a month later, it got taken out from underneath me. So it was like one of the worst experiences and times of my life.”

transcription via WrestlingInc.

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