Ezekiel Removed From Internal WWE Roster, Elias Added Back

Ezekiel Removed From Internal WWE Roster, Elias Added Back WWE

With the Triple H era now in full swing, he has continued to adjust the roster to his liking, which has included focusing on old NXT favourites, as well as giving people full names back.

One of Triple H’s first acts was to revert Kevin Owens back to his NXT character, which saw him come to the ring and brutalise Ezekiel, sending him away on a stretcher.

We then saw a photo of Ezekiel recovering in hospital, accompanied by his brothers Elias and Elrod, as well as the entire Samson family.

As it turns out though, Ezekiel’s promising young career in WWE has come to an end. Per PWInsider, Ezekiel is no longer listed on WWE’s internal roster, seemingly bringing to an end his run in the company.

Interestingly enough though, Ezekiel’s older brother, Elias, is now once again listed on WWE’s internal roster, being removed when Ezekiel debuted the night after WrestleMania.

It is not known when Elias will return to WWE, but he will be the only member of his family on WWE TV going forward.

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