WWE Star Responds To Bella Twins’ Criticism Of Raw 30

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star Responds To Bella Twins’ Criticism Of Raw 30 WWE

A current WWE star from the Women’s Division has responded to the Bella Twins’ criticism of the recent 30th Anniversary edition of Raw.

While the Bella Twins made incredibly valid points during a recent Instagram Live (you can read the full story on that by clicking here) they later appeared on the Tamron Hall Show and expanded on their comments.

Nikki Bella doubling down, noting the impact of female wrestlers on the history of Monday Night Raw and questioning the lack of representation overall, even via video package.

Adding an incisive: “I just feel that if a wrestler even leaves a company or isn’t there anymore, they should still be remembered.”

With Brie adding that the present day female talent in WWE are doing amazing things but that it took so many women from the past to pave that road and clarified she wasn’t referencing themselves.

Brie saying:

“The Bella Twins don’t have to be at Raw 30, it’s all the other women, we could give you a whole long list of other women who should have been.” 

Now a response from a current member of the WWE women’s roster.

Dana Brooke appears to be the first publicly respond via interview with Wrestling Inc.‘s Nick Hausman at a pre-Royal Rumble event featuring Special Olympics athletes.

She asked her response to the Bellas’ critique of the lack of female representation on Raw 30,  to which Brooke said:

“The Bella Twins have been here. They’ve carved their way. They carved their path. I respect them wholeheartedly, but us women are doing our thing anytime we are given our chance, and we kill it, and we knock it out of the ballpark with a smile on our face, and that’s how professionals do it.”

While her response in no way addressed what the question asked, Brooke’s comments are factually accurate.

As the Bella Twins have also repeatedly reiterated, the current WWE Women’s Division is doing great work so at least they and Brooke agree there!

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