Name Change For WWE Star, Returns To NXT At Vengeance Day

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Name Change For WWE Star, Returns To NXT At Vengeance Day WWE

A former WWE main roster star has made his return at NXT Vengeance Day and debuted a name change as he made a major statement.

During the best two out of three falls match between Apollo Crews and Carmelo Hayes, a familiar face stunned fans as he appeared to help neutralize the threat at ringside.

Seemingly evening the odds by taking out Trick Williams, Commander Azeez was back but notably, with a new (old) name.

Vic Joseph on commentary referring to him by his former name, Dabba Kato, he appeared to realign with his main roster pal, Apollo Crews.

While Dabba Kato was in Crews’ corner, it wasn’t enough to hold off Carmelo Hayes who previously won one fall via submission, the second via pinfall to win the match.

However after the match, Dabba Kato’s true motives were revealed as he first embraced Apollo Crews before turning on him, head butting him!

Elsewhere on NXT Vengeance Day, there have been multiple big title matchups.

The show kicked off with a show stealing performance between Wes Lee and Dijak, ended with an assist from an unlikely source and a grisly injury for one of the pair.

Later, there was a title change already on the night with several title bouts yet to come.

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