WWE Star Reveals Rejected ‘Dark’ Character Pitch

WWE Star Reveals Rejected ‘Dark’ Character Pitch

A WWE star has revealed a pitch for a “dark” character that was rejected by the company during a lengthy absence from TV.

Liv Morgan spoke with FOX Sports ahead of her new documentary releasing on the WWE Network, saying:

“I basically wanted to use the experiences I’ve gone through, the struggles of my childhood and kind of use the character that I was trying to create as an outlet to express the darker feelings that I was feeling. The more sad emotions that I was feeling.

“So, I wanted to use this character as an outlet to express, maybe, suppressed emotions, you know? I just wanted to use this character as an outlet to show an opposite spectrum of Liv, you know?

“But, I’m very happy and bubbly and I just wanted the pitch for it to come on the opposite spectrum of that.”

The documentary, titled ‘Liv Forever’, went up on the WWE Network today, and not only takes a look at Morgan’s career in recent years but also her whole life since her childhood.

One of the great things about Morgan is that she has always wanted to be a wrestler. It seems like many people in WWE are there to use it as a way to get to somewhere else, so it’s refreshing to hear stories about people like Morgan who have genuinely wanted to be wrestlers since they were kids.

She signed with WWE aged only 19, and at 26 now, still has a long career ahead of her. Hopefully she can be very successful because she definitely has the talent and passion to do so.

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4 years ago by Liam Winnard


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