WWE Star Reveals They Were Promised 2020 Singles Push

2 years ago by Wrestle Talk

WWE Star Reveals They Were Promised 2020 Singles Push

During an appearance on Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Mandy Rose has revealed that she was set for a singles push after her SummerSlam match with Sonya Deville earlier this year, something that didn’t come to pass.

Mandy Rose explained that she had just gotten out of a tag team with Sonya Deville when she was paired with Dana Brooke, which confused her as she thought she was getting a singles push:

“It was kinda unexpected. I had just gotten out of a tag team with Sonya and I thought I was going to be a singles competitor, for a little while at least. You never know what is going to happen. Then, we both got traded to Raw.”

Despite getting a win big at SummerSlam, Mandy Rose was taken off WWE TV after the PPV, and she was subsequently worried tat higher-ups didn’t like her match:

“I was a little worried. ‘Is everything okay, did I not have a good match, did something happen?’ [Being a singles wrestler] was what the plan was. As we know, plans change day by day. I was unable to get answers and I wanted clarity with what was going on. Finally, when they told us it was going to be a tag team, I was like, ‘Okay. Good. That’s something.’ I wanted to be on TV. I just won one of the biggest matches of my career and I wanted to run with it. Whatever it was. It didn’t have to be a singles competitor and staying on SmackDown. I like change and was looking forward to working with new women.”

Dana Brooke, who was also present during the interview, noted that if she had to be in a team with anyone in WWE right now, she’d have chosen Mandy Rose

“No reasoning or explanation. We were off TV for a little time You start to think about, ‘Why, when, what did I do? What happened?’ It was during the pandemic too and you never knew what was going to happen. I wasn’t asking a lot of questions. I put all my faith out there and let it happen. If I had to be in a tag team, I would want to be with [Mandy].”

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