WWE Star Said To Be ‘A Goldmine Waiting To Happen’

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Star Said To Be ‘A Goldmine Waiting To Happen’

Former WWE star Matt Rehwoldt, AKA Aiden English, has said he believes a particular WWE Raw star is a “goldmine waiting to happen”.

Mustafa Ali returned to WWE TV recently after months away, but after picking up a win in his return match, got beaten the next week then pretty much disappeared to Main Event again.

English shares the view of many people who think Ali is ridiculously underutilised. Speaking with Wrestling Inc, he said:

“I’m scratching my head on that one too, and I’m the first guy to jump up, having been in the business, a lot of things are way more than meets the eye. So when people are like, ‘this guy’s not getting this.’ I’m the the first guy to go, ‘look, there’s so much more than you understand,’ but I’m going to agree with you. Ali is one of the most talented guys, looks great. He talks great. He speaks not just like [a] cool catchphrase, but he speaks [with] conviction. He speaks his heart.

“The guy is embraces the art of the story, which is something I think a lot of people miss in this business. It’s more than just the moves, more than just the presentation. He really embraces the art of the story. I know I’m not there anymore, so I couldn’t exactly tell you, but I’m with you and everyone else, and they need to jump on that sooner than later. The guy is a gold mine waiting to happen.”

Ali went from being in the WWE Title picture in early 2019, to getting injured, being off TV for months even after he’d recovered, and now finds himself in no man’s land again through no fault of his own.

Hopefully the powers that be will come to their senses sooner than later.

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