WWE Star Says Brock Lesnar Has ‘No Class’

3 months ago by Jamie Toolan

WWE Star Says Brock Lesnar Has ‘No Class’ WWE

Calling out Brock Lesnar in any capacity isn’t the smartest move, however, if you’re flanked by a 7ft 3 giant you’re more likely to get away with it.

That’s perhaps MVP’s train of thought, as he’s had some choice words for ‘The Beast’ on WWE’s After The Bell Podcast.

MVP and Lesnar were recently paired together for an edition of the VIP Lounge where the agreement was reached for Lesnar and Omos’ WrestleMania 39 match.

To celebrate the occasion MVP offered Lesnar champagne, only for Lesnar to whip out his own drink, dubbed ‘white lightning’.

Following insisting MVP to try some, it didn’t go down too well with MVP spitting out said ‘white lightning’ back into the face of Lesnar and thusly unsurprisingly receiving an F5 for his troubles.

And it seems like MVP isn’t quite over the whole ordeal, saying Lesnar has “no class”.

MVP said:

“That stuff was like grain alcohol, and I felt like you could taste the oil, the lubrication they use for metal – it was disgusting. I’m a man of culture. I offered Brock champagne, and he pulled out rotgut. That’s the stuff you use to clean metal.”

“Brock, he’s a farmer. He has no class, he has no culture. He plays in dirt. He grew up on farms, running around in his bare feet, playing with manure. To Brock, that’s a good time. To me, give me a proper single malt man.”

MVP’s harsh words are unlikely to phase Lesnar, however Lesnar may get a chance to respond in person as the former WWE champion and ‘The Nigerian Giant’ are set for a weigh-in on the March 27 edition of Monday Night Raw.

Transcript courtesy of Sportskeeda.

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