WWE Star Shoots On ‘Start-Stop’ Pushes & Storylines

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Star Shoots On ‘Start-Stop’ Pushes & Storylines

A WWE Raw star has spoken openly about their frustrations in the company and the constant “start-stop” nature of pushes and storylines.

Dana Brooke was the latest guest on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast during which she discussed her issues and how she feels about the problems she’s having.

She said:

“It makes me emotional because I know I can do this. I hate the start-stop. I hate it because it makes me excited… what am I excited for if it’s always start and stop? Why can’t I go and run with something? Why can’t I go and show the world and show people backstage that I can do this? It always starts out, ‘Oh, you want to do Titus Worldwide and be the statistician?’ Okay. I never complain or ask for things. I always do what is asked of me, thinking it will get somewhere. Then it’s like, ‘No.’ Going out there and cutting a heartfelt promo to the fans with Ronda Rousey, it was everything and a great opportunity. Then I was injured and not able to perform and carry that story anymore. Sitting on the sidelines and being like ‘maybe another time will come.’ I’m such a team player and WWE girl that anything I do, I try to do things and talk about how good the company is. It is, in general, and I’m always trying to put WWE on a platform, but what am I getting from it? I’m trying to be the best possible person I can be, but there’s nothing behind it to drive me to that next point. I try not to get my hopes up.”

Brooke is currently in a tag team with Mandy Rose on Raw.

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